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Servers and networking

Servers installation and administration

  • Installation, configuration and management of virtual server systems on different platforms
  • Design, installation and management of internet and intranet web servers
  • Design and installation of independent company mail servers
  • Installation and configuration – file servers, print servers and fax servers
  • Design and configuration of DHCP server, DNS server, Proxy server, Socks server
  • Back up servers and data recovering plans
  • Design and building of storage centers

Also we provide consulting and supply of hardware and software for area of desktop-server-network.

Network services and networking

  • Plan to build up your company network and do not know how to do it ?
  • Need a quality project and network realisation itself ?
  • Looking for an expert for Linux and Windows networks ?
  • Building intelligent flats or houses ?
  • Do you want to use whole power of data and database servers ?
  • Need a help with network management ?
  • Design a company or home camera system ?
  • We are interested in it, contact us so we can help you!

Installation and administration of networks (Linux, FreeBSD, Solaris, Windows)

  • High quality building, configuration, testing and tuning of networks
  • Development of network architecture projects
  • 7/24/365 network monitoring and support
  • Creating, configuration, evaluation of IDS (Intrusion Detection System) and IPS (Intrusion Prevenion System)
  • Installation of RSA identity management
  • Development of private networks – VPN , building company VPN – seucure connection among branches or home offices and company
  • Desing and development of intelligent house and home
  • Implementation and management of Internet connection
  • We are interested in it, contact us so we can help you!