Webdesign and development

development and webdesing

Webdesign and development services:

  • Webdesign
    • design of web
    • development of web
    • redesign www
    • overhauling of web
    • updating of www
    • community websites
    • corporate webs
    • intranet portals
    • image to XHTML processing
    • CD presentations
    • CD visit cards
  • Web administration
  • SEO a SEM
    • web optimising
    • web marketing
    • website promotion
    • traffic analysis
    • statistics
    • consulting
  • Web content management systemSiteJay

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Web design and web development

We offer several types of web pages or web presentations. You can look up into our references to choose the right webdesign for you.

What we can do for you :

  • PSD into HTML and XML – production and design of your graphical design into web form (XHTML)
lenght of process : up 2 days
  • www visit card – web page (easy and fast info solution)
lenght of process : up 3 days
  • web presentation with animated features (easy and elegant solution)
lenght of process : up 5 days
  • standart web presentation (with our web CMS, easy editable content)
lenght of web buidling : up 14 days
  • corporate web presentation (with our web CMS, e-catalogu, or CD presentation)
lenght of web development : 14 up 30 days
  • multimedia web pages (+ multimedia web CMS, music and audio MP3 on web, webvideo and podcasting, web2 photogaleries “)
lenght of web development : 14 up 30 days
  • webportal and webportal systemsportálové riešenia (with CMS – community portal, corporate webportal, social networking, etc…
lenght of webportal development : 14 up 30 days
  • internet shop /e-shop/ (internet shop based on Magento system)
lenght of webportal development : 14 up 30 days
  • vlog and blog pages

for more info about our webdesign and web development services, please contact us

Sitejay web content management system (CMS)

sitejay logo.
The content (or publication) management system SiteJay counts among essential internet applications that has been developed by Absolutio company for 6 years and thus it reflects all the demands that were gathered during the long period of time of running CMS on-line. Our web CMS supports all multimedia features that are “in” nowadays. All the information about the editorial system Sitejay are accessible in detail from this product’s home page.

Basic attributes of the editorial system

  • •web and pages editing can be done on-line, i.e. you need not to install any software into your computer, only thing you need is a web browser where the editorial system can be loaded intuitive controlling and navigation;
  • for the work in the editorial system you need no knowledge of HTML coding or some other programming language;
  • the editorial system works on the modern modules base – you can put together your own version of a website on individual sub-pages;
  • you can change content and structure of your web pages using the editorial system;
  • revolutionary method of pre-defined “skins” that can be designed and used by you, and thus visual look of your pages changed;
  • extended possibilities of the editorial system also for advanced users (html editing, scripts editing, etc.);
  • users without technical knowledge are able to administer the contents of their webs without necessity of the cooperation with any professionals but using the editorial system;
  • low price of support and regular Sitejay versions upgrade free;
  • possibility to administrate your web from any place in the world;
  • lowered expenses for printing new advertising materials;
  • code compatibility with the rules of W3C x html, W3C CSS guaranteed…

for more info about content management system SiteJay, please contact us